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Cloudstack ruby client

A Ruby client for CloudStack's API

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A Ruby client for CloudStack's API, licensed via the Apache Software License v2.


Install with gem install cloudstack_ruby_client

Extra special thanks to Quentin Pleplé for the original cloudstack-client-generator and Jason Hancock for keeping his fork of the generator updated (and for accepting my pull request to add Ruby support to it).

Using the client

Here's a simple example of listing the network offerings provided by a CloudStack installation:

require 'cloudstack_ruby_client'

URL = ''
APIKEY = 'yy0sfd...Tq8YFw'
SECKEY = 'Pse4fq...lJFZVw'

client =, APIKEY, SECKEY, false)
puts client.list_network_offerings()

See, easy!

It's built against the Apache CloudStack 4.0.0-incubating release, but should work for most CloudStack 3.x versions (pre-Apache), as well as against future Apache releases in the 4.x line. We're using Semantic Versioning for CloudStack release numbering, so you'll know when backward compatibility breaks by the major version number.

Use the Apache CloudStack API docs to understand each available method.